Monday, February 25, 2013


Welcome to Nap Time Martha! As a mom and lover of all things crafty, I know how hard it is to get projects done when you have kids, jobs, husbands, fur babies....aka LIFE! But somehow, we manage! The proof is in the pudding. Called Pinterest!

So I wanted to start a blog to showcase our projects and maybe inspire fellow craft lovers!

So what is a craft, you ask? Well, for the purposes of this blog, it is basically anything Martha Stewart would be caught doing! Sewing, painting, redoing furniture, birthday parties, cooking, home renovations...whatever you are working on!

How to submit: EASY! Just email me photos and details of your project to! Details might include cost, length of time it took you to complete, colors or paints used, how you got the idea, tips for other Nap Time Marthas that might want to try a similar project... anything you think is important! And don't forget a link to your own blog if you have one!!!

Can't wait to see what you lovely, creative ladies (or gents) have come up with!!!

And don't forget to share share share this blog! The more readers we have, the more projects we get to see!!!